Token Locker &
Linear Vesting Utility

We noticed there isn't a vesting dapp that supports Arbitrum, so here's one.
Free of charge, simple to use.

Made by the Tales of Elleria Team, a Treasure Cartridge, for everyone.

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Want to get started? Reach out to Ellerian Prince in the 🛠│token-vesting channel in Discord to get approval for your wallet. (sorry, we have to do this to prevent malicious users and spam)
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How to set-up a new token vest?

  1. Read (and agree to) our T&C/FAQs.
  2. Reach out to us in Discord to get your wallet approved. (usually <24h waiting time)
  3. Select your Blockchain. (Want to deploy on another chain? Reach out to us)
  4. Make sure you have enough of the ERC20 token.
  5. Fill in your vesting details accordingly, and click 'Create Vest'.
  6. Verify and confirm the Metamask Transaction.

Done! Recipients can visit this site, and claim their tokens under 'My Allocations'.

How to view/claim tokens vested to me?

Under View Vests , filter by your address under 'Allocations' and 'Created Vests'

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Token Vesting Manager

Contract Address: 0xAEa7cb7B2c1FFd624956c8F8395f6D4538811e2C (Arbitrum Nitro Rollup Testnet)  

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